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Citizenship and consumption

University of Cambridge, 30 March-1 April 2006

An International Workshop co-organised with Kate Soper, Institute for the Study of European Transformations, London Metropolitan University

The two-day interdisciplinary workshop provided a timely forum for current thinking on consumption and citizenship. Experts looked at civil society and governance, media consumption and culture, welfare and public services, and ethics and environment.

Conference Papers (alphabetical order):

Nothing in these papers may be cited, quoted, summarised or reproduced without permission of the author(s)





Clive Barnett

Problematizing Choice: Responsible Subjects and Citizenly Consumers
Download [word, 95kb]


Zygmunt Bauman

Exit Homo Politicus, Enter Homo Consumens
Download [word, 81kb]


Mark Bevir and
Frank Trentmann

Civic Choices: Retrieving Perspectives on Rationality, Consumption, and Citizenship
Download [word, 118kb]


John Clarke and
Janet Newman

The People’s Choice? Citizens, Consumers and Public Services
Download [word, 82kb]


Nick Couldry, Sonia Livingstone and
Tim Markham

‘Public Connection’ and the Uncertain Norms of Media Consumption
Download [word, 106kb]


Michelle Everson and Christian Joerges

Legal Encounters with the Consumer
Download [word 113kb]


Karl Gerth

Consumption and Politics in Twentieth-Century China
For information on this paper please contact the author:


Ferenc Hammer

Blue Jeans in Socialist Hungary
Download [pdf 418kb]


Matthew Hilton

The Banality of Consumption
Download [word 100kb]


John Keane

Civil Society, Citizenship, Children and Consumption
For information on this paper please contact the author:


Michele Micheletti

Anti-Sweatshop and Anti-Slavery: The Moral Force of Capitalism
Download [pdf 221KB]


Bronwen Morgan

Consuming without Paying: Stealing or Campaigning? The Civic Implications of Civil Disobedience around Access to Water
Download [word 286KB]


Catherine Needham

Citizens, Consumers and Beyond: Multiple roles and their Definitions in Local Government
Download [word 379KB]


John O'Neill

Sustainability, Well-being and Consumption: The Limits of Hedonic Approaches
Download [word 112KB]


Martin Powell

In Search of the Citizen-Consumer
Download [word 127KB]


Tine Rostgaard

Observing the freed care consumer – changing concepts of need and intervention in home care for the elderly
Download [word 114KB]



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